AP came very close to winning the Yr11 event despite half the team being only in Yr9.
Big congratulations and well done to all the team: Jemima, Olivia, Madi, Miro, Alex, Ollie.

Olivia led the team winning all her singles and new member Miro played singles for the boys winning all but one of his singles. Madi and Jemima won all their doubles and Ollie, Alex and Miro rotated well but let a few points slip. The mixed proved our Achilles heel and all the boys had a go until we settled on Alex being Olivia’s partner but the damage had already been done.

AP beat Racqueteers 59-58
AP beat I&S 58-57
AP beat Ace 75-47
AP beat Osterley 72-49
Going into the last match we were 10 points behind Brent Juniors, Olivia clawed back points beating her opponent 15-4, the girls won, the boys lost and sadly we were too many points behind for Alex and Olivia to recover.
AP lost to BJ 60-62

1st BJ 336
2nd AP 324
3rd I&S 322
4th RAC 305
5th Ace 275
6th Ost 236