Covid 19 and how it affects our Club

This page will be regularly updated as and when we receive any new information.

Updated: July 2021 
Following the June exams, APS have reopened the Sports Hall.
The badminton club will restart but only for APS students in year group bubbles.

Weds 7 July: APS Yr9 and Yr10 3-5pm
Thurs 8 July: APS Yr7 3-4pm
Thurs 8 July: APS Yr8 4-5pm
Weds 14 July: APS Yr13 and Yr11 3-5pm
Thurs 15 July: APS Yr7 3-4pm
Thurs 15 July: APS Yr8 4-5pm

We are looking for more girls in Yr8 and Yr9.

Updated: May 2021
The club is reopening sessions for APS students only.
APS have allowed the badminton club to restart for APS students only in year group bubbles:
Weds 5 May APS Yr9 and Yr10 3.00-5.00pm
Thurs 6 May APS Yr7 and Yr8 4.00-6.00pm
Full details can be found on the Sessions & Fixtures page. The next update is due at the end of June when restrictions will hopefully lift further.

Updated: March 2021
APS have said that some sports clubs can restart after Easter but they can only operate for APS students in year group bubbles until restrictions are able to relax.

APS are also short of space, as indoor areas are being used for testing, we will be advised when we can have some court time.

So after a year of very little badminton, it looks like we need to be patient for a  while longer.

Updated: 15.2.20

Bruno and Judith have been pleased to have been able to run a handful of sessions for Yr10s and Yr11s in year group bubbles as an after school club.

However, now that cases are rising exponentially, we will not be delivering any further sessions until case numbers fall to safe levels. The APS site team did mention that they hoped to open the Sports Hall in Feb but we feel this is very unlikely, but it would be great if this turned out to be the case.

The club would like to thank all our young volunteers for their help earlier in the year and we wish them success with their exams. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Updated: 20.10.20
Tier 2 restrictions mean our club remains closed, no local venues are currently taking external bookings.

APS are able to offer a badminton after school club on Wednesdays 3.15-5.15pm for APS students only, starting after half term. Yr10s will alternate weekly with Yr11s. This will be Limited to 16 places which must be pre-booked through the homework page. This club is free of charge, the club will fund the coaching fees.

Players should bring their own racket, club rackets are available to buy, contact Judith directly. All participants will need to stay on their allocated court and help with cleaning at the end of the session.

Updated: 17.07.20
Alexandra Park School has now confirmed that the sports hall will not be available for the club’s use for the first few weeks of September. Understandably the school is focused on preparations to receive students which means redesigning classrooms, offices and the flow of the whole school.

Updated: 14.07.20
Although Leisure Centres are reopening from 25 July, the club is awaiting a response from APS about plans for using the Sports Hall when the schools go back. Until we have a reply we cannot publish a start date.

When we are able to return, the club will have to operate under the detailed guidelines issued by Badminton England, we will ensure that we operate in a safe way but this will be different to what we are used to.


  • There will be no sharing of rackets, everyone will need to bring their own racket to each session. If you don’t own a racket we will be selling off the club stock at a very reasonable price, they have all been gripped. If you would like to purchase a racket contact Judith. Players without a racket cannot play.
  • We will have hand sanitiser on every court, BE suggests players bring their own as well.
  • Drinking fountains are closed – players must bring a named, full water bottle to each session.
  • Players must arrive changed and on time. Players must not enter the Sports Hall until players have left the hall from any previous group. Sessions must finish on time and players must leave immediately and not congregate together.
  • The entrance will be from the reception area, the exit will be via the Fire Exits.
  • Players must sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the hall.
  • Social distancing of 2m should be maintained throughout the session. Including when waiting to play.
  • Players must not touch the posts or nets.
  • Doors of the Sports Hall will be left open to increase ventilation.
  • Shuttles used must be kept to one court, players are encouraged to pick them up with their rackets. Between sessions shuttles will be quarantined.
  • Currently only singles can be played, with a maximum of 5 players and 1 coach per court. Groups cannot mix within a session. Players will be allocated a group and must stay in that allocated group throughout that session. The front area of the court is currently out of play.

Credits and Fees

As we stopped midway through the Spring term – all players have credits to use.
Monday morning – 1 credit
Tuesday morning – 2 credits
Wednesday afternoon 4.30pm – 3 credits
Thursday afternoon 4.30pm – 2 credits
Thursday evening 5.30pm – 2 credits
This means that we can start without asking for payment.

Fees will stay the same as 2019-20. If some 2 hour sessions are reduced to 1 hour then the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

The club are happy to subsidise any players whose parents are under financial pressure and otherwise would be prevented from attending because of the cost.

Planned Sessions Autumn Term:

It would be really helpful to know if your son/daughter intends to join from September (or not)?
Exams are scheduled for September and October – tba
Our committee have decided that in order to maintain utmost safety we have to split some large groups in two. If your son/daughter attends a group that is split they need to choose which hour to attend and let me know, they should discuss this with their friends.

Monday morning 7.30-8.30am
No change – there is room for some new Yr7s to join this group.

Tuesday morning 7.40-8.40am (Rhodes Avenue group)
We have decided to start this group later in the Autumn term after we have managed to get the older groups underway – tba

Wednesday 3.30pm
APS school session
We await a response from APS about how they would like this school session to be run.

Wednesday 4.30-6.30pm
This group will now be split into two separate sessions.
Wednesday 4.30-5.25pm
Wednesday 5.30-6.25pm
Players must choose which group they will attend after discussing with their friends and let Judith know. Players must arrive on time.

Thursday 4.30-5.30pm
This group will not run to begin with. The secondary school age players can join one of the later Thursday groups, let me know.

Thurs 5.30-7.00pm
This group will now be split into two separate sessions.
Thurs 5.00-5.55pm
Thurs 6.00-6.55pm
Players must choose which group they will attend after discussing with their friends and let Judith know.

Players must arrive on time.
Players cannot swap sessions.
This outline schedule may revert to our previous schedule when doubles play can restart.

Year 6 Leavers

Players who are leaving Yr6 this year will have a choice of new groups to join. If your son/daughter is at APS then I suggest Monday morning if they are happy to get up early. Alternatively, there is Thursday or Wednesday, there are more younger players on a Thursday.


  • Coaches will be allowed to play in one session and then coach in a following session and vice versa.
  • Coaches must bring in their own racket, without a racket you cannot coach.
  • Coaches will be the only ones allowed to put up and take down nets, hands must be sanitised before and after. Please carry your own santiser. Posts must be sanitised before and after use, nets sprayed.
  • A coach can coach 5 players on their own court. Coaches cannot change groups.
  • Coaches must arrive at least 5 mins before their session starts to help put up the equipment, if there is an earlier session, coaches should arrive on time.


  • Only one parent is permitted to watch in the Sports Hall from each family group.
  • Parents should ensure that their sons/daughters arrive on time, changed, with their own equipment and filled water bottle.
  • Parents must not allow their son/daughter to attend any session if their Junior member has any Covid symptoms and must notify Judith immediately.

Covid Officer and First Aid

  • Judith will be the appointed Covid Club Officer and will complete a risk assessment before each session.
  • Judith is also the qualified First Aider, anyone requiring First Aid will have to wear a mask and the First Aider will wear gloves and mask. First Aid will be self-administered where applicable.

Further Guidelines

If you would like to read the full Badminton England guidelines, please click here.