On Saturday 7th of March, our six young coaches; Layla, Flynn, Leonardo, Olivia, Madi and Phoebe went to an Escape Room. We were able to have this opportunity Phoebe and Flynn won the Jack Petchey award for achievement in January and each got £250 to spend on the club. By fixing expensive cars and robbing banks the badminton team successfully completed ‘The Heist Plan’ in 50 minutes. Now our big brains are rolling in cash. The geniuses (us) completed it using a range of skills – such as maths, myth busting, toy car controlling, and even shooting (with a laser gun) – usually with the goal of finding a key to a lock. It was great to see people’s different skills come together to break out of the room. Each and every person was vital to the effort. A great day out 🙂

Amazing experience, great for team building and just really fun overall.

Improved our teamwork a lot and was so much fun!

Has made me a better badminton coach.

It was really fun and was a good team building activity.